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Oct.8, 2018 Our article on surface roughening mechanism of GaN homoepitaxy is published in Applied Physics Letters.  New !
This article is selected as “featured” article and its figure is used for cover figure of the issue.
"Roughening of GaN homoepitaxial surfaces due to step meandering and bunching instabilities and their suppression in hydride vapor phase epitaxy",
Hajime Fujikura, and Taichiro Konno
Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 152101 (2018); Featured Article

Aug.23, 2018 SCIOCS's Photo-electrochemical (PEC) etching technology is covered by the Semiconductor Today magazine.  New !
Photo-electro-chemical deep trench etching in gallium nitride
Aug. 10, 2018 We successfully fabricated vertical GaN trench structures by Photo-electrochemical (PEC) etching with a Ti mask.   New !
The width of side etching was less than 1 µm with high accuracy. The aspect ratio of trenches fabricated by PEC etching was more than 7 at an etching depth in excess of 20 µm. These excellent results obtained with PEC etching open the door to the fabrication of cutting-edge GaN device structures such as SJ-FETs, the ridge fabrication of laser diodes, wafer-dicing applications, and GaN MEMS.
The related paper has been published in Applied Physics Express
Excellent potential of photo-electrochemical etching for fabricating high-aspect-ratio deep trenches in gallium nitride
Applied Physics Express, Volume 11, Number 9
Appl. Phys. Express 11, 091001 (2018)

Source : Fumimasa Horikiri et al 2018 Appl. Phys. Express 11 091001
Jul. 9, 2018 We have successfully obtained a flat etched surface of a homoepitaxially grown GaN film consisting of an n-GaN layer, using a free-standing GaN substrate with a dislocation density of 106 cm−2 and by pulsed PEC etching.  New !
The related paper has been published in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP)
"Excellent wet etching technique using pulsed anodic oxidation for homoepitaxially grown GaN layer”
Fumimasa Horikiri, Yoshinobu Narita and Takehiro Yoshida
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 57, Number 8 (2018)
Jun. 8, 2018 SCIOCS's HVPE(Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy) technology is covered by the Semiconductor Today magazine.
This is an article relating to GaN epitaxial wafers and GaN freestanding substrates by HVPE.
Expanding the application potential of hydride vapor phase epitaxy
May 9, 2018 SCIOCS presented at CS-MANTECH for GaN-on-GaN electric devices.
Title : Real potential of GaN electric devices coming from GaN on GaNe
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Mar. 17-20, 2018 SCIOCS presented at The Japan Society of Applied Physics The 65th Spring Meeting, 2018
Title :
  • 17p-E201-6   [Invited] Development of GaN MOCVD Epitaxial Wafer for RF Applications
             Progress of Compound Semiconductor Device Technologies:
             What Can Learn from History of GaAs Device Development
  • 18a-C302-6   GaN p-n Diodes with High Breakdown Capability (1st author : Hosei Univ.)
  • 18a-C302-10 An etching of the n--drift layer grown on the freestanding GaN substrate by a pulsed anodic oxidation
  • 19a-C302-11 A surface morphology of a homo-epitaxial grown GaN on a freestanding GaN substrate
  • 19a-C302-12 Optical characterization of GaN layers homoepitaxially grown on a freestanding bulk GaN substrate by metal-organic chemical vapor phase epitaxy (1st author : Tohoku Univ.)
  • 18a-E202-3   Improvement of surface flatness of HVPE-grown homo-epitaxial GaN layers
  • 19a-E202-2   Identification of the Type of Threading Dislocation in GaN Crystals Using Multiphoton-Excitation Photoluminescence (1st author : Tohoku Univ.)
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