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Jun. 8, 2018 SCIOCS’s HVPE(Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy) technology is covered by the Semiconductor Today magazine.  New !
This is an article relating to GaN epitaxial wafers and GaN freestanding substrates by HVPE.
Expanding the application potential of hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Mar. 17-20, 2018 SCIOCS presented at The Japan Society of Applied Physics The 65th Spring Meeting, 2018
Title :
  • 17p-E201-6   [Invited] Development of GaN MOCVD Epitaxial Wafer for RF Applications
             Progress of Compound Semiconductor Device Technologies:
             What Can Learn from History of GaAs Device Development
  • 18a-C302-6   GaN p-n Diodes with High Breakdown Capability (1st author : Hosei Univ.)
  • 18a-C302-10 An etching of the n--drift layer grown on the freestanding GaN substrate by a pulsed anodic oxidation
  • 19a-C302-11 A surface morphology of a homo-epitaxial grown GaN on a freestanding GaN substrate
  • 19a-C302-12 Optical characterization of GaN layers homoepitaxially grown on a freestanding bulk GaN substrate by metal-organic chemical vapor phase epitaxy (1st author : Tohoku Univ.)
  • 18a-E202-3   Improvement of surface flatness of HVPE-grown homo-epitaxial GaN layers
  • 19a-E202-2   Identification of the Type of Threading Dislocation in GaN Crystals Using Multiphoton-Excitation Photoluminescence (1st author : Tohoku Univ.)
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