Message from the President

Thank you for visiting our website.

As of April 1st, 2015, our business has newly transitioned to become one of the Sumitomo Chemical group companies. Our new company name "SCIOCS" is a combination of the words "SCIO" and "CS". "SCIO" means "I know" in the Latin language and "CS" is an abbreviation for "Compound Semiconductor". The name SCIOCS represents our company's philosophy that "SCIOCS has the deepest understanding of compound semiconductors, and provides the highest quality compound semiconductor materials."

Compound semiconductors can enable high performance semiconductor devices, which conventional materials such as silicon cannot achieve. While already widely used for high-frequency and optical devices, compound semiconductors have a much greater potential for saving energy, reducing environmental burdens and thus contributing to human society. Many key technologies originated from Japan, achieved by the dedicated work of pioneers. This includes the 2014 Nobel Prize winners in physics. With our pioneering spirit, we will develop and produce the best material to achieve this great potential.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Our compound semiconductor crystals are of the highest quality and grown in Hitachi-city Japan, a scenic place surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean.

Masahiko Kobayashi