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SCIOCS is the leader in compound semiconductor crystal and epitaxial growth.

We specialize in providing the highest quality GaN and GaAs compound semiconductor substrates and epitaxial wafers for various applications including microwave and optical devices.

For microwave devices, our GaAs and GaN epitaxial wafers enable the most advanced RF (radio-frequency) power amplifiers and switches, used in cell phones, base stations, radars, and wireless LANs . We are pioneering new technology and developing GaN substrates for next generation high power devices.

For optical devices, our GaN substrates and GaAs epitaxial wafers are used in Laser Diodes (LD) for Blu-ray*/DVD/CD drives. Our materials are also used to make LEDs for general lighting and LCD backlight applications.

We are also developing lead-free piezoelectric thin films to achieve our vision of a more environmental friendly society.

  • *Blu-ray is a registered trademark of the Blu-ray Disc Association
    Ⅲ-Ⅴ Compound Semiconductors Ferroelectrics
Devices GaN Single Crystal Wafers HVPE-GaN/AlN templates GaN Epitaxial Wafers GaAs Epitaxial Wafers KNN Film
Optics Device Visible LEDs      
UV LEDs      
Laser Diodes      
High Speed & High Frequency Device Low Noise Transistors
Power Transistors
Microwave Monolithic Ics        
RF Switch        
Power Switching      
Piezoelectric Element Acceleration/Angular rate sensor        
  • *3MESFET: Metal-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
    HEMT: High Electron Mobility Transistor
    HBT: Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor