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Oct. 1, 2017 SCIOCS merged Sumitomo Chemical's compound semiconductor materials business.  New !
Sep. 5-8, 2017 SCIOCS presented at The Japan Society of Applied Physics The 78th Autumn Meeting, 2017  New !
Title :
  • Surface-morphology related current-density inhomogeneity in pin p+-n GaN diodes on GaN substrates
  • 5 kV breakdown voltage GaN p-n diodes fabricated on free-standing GaN substrates
  • Demonstration of wafer processing from GaN crystal prepared with a tiling technique
  • HVPE growth of high-purity GaN epitaxial layers
  • Nondestructive measurement of a homo-epitaxial grown GaN film thickness using FT-IR
  • Fabrication of 4-6inch GaN free-standing substrates by VAS-method
  • Effect of top electrode's adhesion layer for piezoelectric KNN films
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  • Jul. 21, 2017 Highly pure GaN epitaxail layers suitable for drift-layers of vertical power devices has been successfully realized by our HVPE-method.
    The related paper has been published in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) and was selected as Spotlights.

    ″Hydride-vapor-phase epitaxial growth of highly pure GaN layers with smooth as-grown surfaces on freestanding GaN substrates″,
    Hajime Fujikura, Taichiro Konno, Takehiro Yoshida, and Fumimasa Horikiri,
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 56, Number 8 (2017)

    Apr. 14, 2017 Reactor for AlN-template mass-production has been installed and the crystal quality has been improved.
    XRC-FWHM: (0002) around 100sec, (10-12) around 300sec
    Feb. 20, 2017 ITOCHU PLASTICS office has been moved to Ichibancho Tokyu Building.
    Feb. 7, 2017 SCIOCS's paper has been published online.
    Title : Development of GaN substrate with a large diameter and small orientation deviation
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